The key to music

The pedagogical solution for learning music at home


A playful and intuitive app

Fonofone for iPad is a sound creation and collective performing app of inexhaustible potential. It is a constantly renewed source of wonder and creative excitement.

With fonofone, your students will develop their musical imagination, their listening capacities, their ability to perform, their concentration and will assimilate fundamental musical notions. .

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A pedagogical guide for teachers

 Maestro, your online guide for teaching sound creation, contains many resources for creative pedagogy:

  • Ear training and sound comprehension games
  • Composition processes and musical forms exploration activities
  • Instructional Videos
  • Graphic scores

And much more…

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"I believe that with fonofone, we have a light, playful and exciting tool. The few mouths I spent trying it out with my students had me convinced.”

— Lorraine Samson, music teacher, Lucien-Guilbault Pedagogical Centre

“Fonofone is a really cool app for inventing music, because if we learn to listen, we realize that there is music in every sound.”

— A student from Au-Coeur-Des-Monts primary school, St-Pie. 

Workshops & training

   Turnkey solutions for all ages and levels


Turnkey workshops

Our experienced animators offer workshops of variable duration and format depending on age groups and specific needs, from preschool to high school.

COSIMU is on the Culture à l'école program register.

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Teacher training

We offer different training formats for teachers in person or online.

These is a great occasion to

  • learn more about the fonofone pedagogical approach,
  • better your mastery of the musical tools,
  • explore new activities with us.

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Equipment rental

If you don’t have access to tablets, Cosimu is able to offer you all the required equipment needed for your classroom (iPad tablet, headphone and speaker for each student) at very good and negotiable rental rates.

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“I highly recommend these workshops for anyone wishing to make music creation projects at school. They are well adapted to all levels of education, from the preschool to high school. Furthermore, I am convinced that they could even be used in higher education.”

— Guy Picard, Program coordinator for Arts Education at Casavant High School