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sound creation

An indispensable set of pedagogical resources for teaching and evaluating sound creation.

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Enhance your teaching of sound creation

  • Ear training and sound understanding games
  • Composition process and musical form exploration activities
  • Video illustrations
  • Graphic scores
  • And much more…

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“This educational kit is in perpetual evolution; we regularly add new activities. But our dearest hope is to see it evolve on its own from exchanges between users that enrich it with their commentaries, testimonies and personal propositions, but also by uploading the best group creations.”

– Yves Daoust, fonofone creator

Four principal categories of activities and two special categories!

The progression is not linear: everyone can choose the activity that fits best for learning or improving this or that musical skill.


Discover sounds

Individual or collective activities that allow mastering different sound parameters (pitch, nuance, perspective, timber, rhythm and duration, space, etc).

See example page


Explore sound using the fonofone tools

Create new sounds while learning different manipulation techniques with the fonofone tools.

See example page


Talking with sounds

Activities focused on exploration of particular composition processes. (Accumulation, glissando, rupture, lag, timbre melody, narrative frame, point line, etc).

See Example Page


Sound story-telling

Explore different approaches of musical form (A-B-A and variations, repeating motif, imitation, arch form, program music, etc).

See example program

To begin…

Quelques jeux et activités de base pour se familiariser avec l'approche Fonofone-Maestro

See example page

Thematic activities

Around a place, a situation or a particular circumstance…

See example page

fonofone in teacher/student mode

An indispensable extension of the Maestro pedagogical guide

(available on subscription only).


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